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Two Pieces Combined Design Gold Plated Lapel Pin Marathon Medal Badge Set

Short Description:

Material: zinc alloy

Size: around 8cm

Thicknkess: 3mm

Plating color: imitation gold

Backside: sand-blasted with stamped logo + 1 backing post

Acc.: butterfly clutch / rubber clutch

Packaging: poly bag / gift box / backing card

Technique process: molding, die casting, polishing, plating, coloring,  QC, assembly, packaging.

Craftsmanship:  soft enamel, two pieces combined

Product Detail


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Custom Specifications
Custom  products
 enamel pin, badges, medal, coin, keychain, dog tag, cufflinks, belt buckle, book mark, etc.
Available design file
 JPG, PNG, PDF, AI, CDR, PSD, etc.
Custom material
 zinc alloy, aluminum, iron, stainless steel, brass, copper, silver, etc.
Custom Size Range
 1-20cm, or other size depending on your need.
Custom Thickness Range
 1-10mm, or other thickness depending on your need.
Plating Color
 nickel/black nickel/antique nickel/gold/matte gold/rose gold/antique gold/silver/bronze/antique silver/chrome, etc.
 die-casting, stamping, etching, etc. depending on material.
Coloring Type
 soft enamel, hard enamel, printing, laser, etc.
Custom Design Format
 2D / 3D
Custom sample time
 10-15 days after digital artwork is approved.
 Free artwork proofs and revisions
 Free custom samples
 Short turnaround time
 High quality

Custom service:

1. Custom Pin Badges: hard enamel pin, soft enamel pin, soft enamel + epoxy pin, glitter enamel pin, glow in the dark pin, etc.

2. Custom Coins: antique coin, challenge coin, souvenir coin, police coin, military coin etc.

3. Custom Medals: sports medal, marathon medal, military medals,medal and trophy, etc.

4. Custom Keychains: enamel keychain, logo keychain, car keychain, bottle opener keychain, door opener keychain, etc.

5. Custom belt buckles, custom pen clips, custom cufflinks, custom tags, etc.

Craft introduction

Soft enamel color is lower than metal lines around it, the surface has a strong metallic sense of touch.

Soft enamel pin can be plated with any metal color or dyed with Pantone colors.

Plating and dying are made ahead of adding soft enamel colors.

Soft enamel is relatively affordable and suitable for most pin badges, coins, medals, keychains, tags, cufflinks and other metal products.

Common options


Company Info.


Custom soft enamel pins:

also known as ‘embossed enamel pins’, are qualitydie struck metal badges filled in enamel colorby hand. What distinguishs soft enamel pins is the soft enamel recessed area is lower than the raised metal areas around it.

Soft enamel pins are perfect for an array of occasions, from corporate identity and destination souvenirs to employee recognition and team trading pins, especially if you have a simple or moderately complex design.

Custom hard enamel pins:

Sometimes called epola pins, imitation cloisonné pins or die struck pins with hard enamel, is a kind of craftworks for the pin badges. Hard enamel pins are smooth to the touchand are color filled using PMS colors and baked until the enamel is cured. The raised metal areas and the colors are on the same level and then hand polished smooth and then plated in gold, silver or copper.

The hard enamel pins have a durable and long lasting appearance. They have a very high perceived value due to their vivid colors, which are best choice for event pins, convention pins, fraternity pins, sorority pins, political pins and corporate pins.

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